UKCAT for Schools

We have developed a number of resources that we hope will be useful for teachers and schools supporting students applying to study Medicine / Dentistry.

School Sessions and Resources

We have a number of sessions which can be delivered in your school. They vary in length and intensity and can be fitted into your usual school programme and to your student's requirements. These sessions are very well received and give the students anything from a good basic grounding from which to begin their UKCAT preparation to an intense programme of technique and practice.

Crammer Our most popular session. 1 day, £80 (+VAT) per student

This full day course (usually 9.30 - 5pm but we can fit into your usual school timetable) will give students a grounding in the UKCAT with section walkthroughs and timed questions and then a 47 minute minimock after lunch. There is an extended section on practical UKCAT information and also the University UKCAT admissions details. A key benefit of this course is that students can see the techniques they learned in the morning paying dividends in the afternoon! Each student gets a code which will give them two weeks free access to our full online service. (See conditons at bottom of section)

Starter 3 hours, £50 (+VAT) per student

This session is suitable for a motivated group of students as it equips them with a variety of skills and techniques - using section walkthroughs and timed questions - and then gives them access to our full online service for two weeks. If students take full advantage of this session they will be in a great position to do really effective UKCAT preparation. We also cover the UKCAT information and University UKCAT admissions details. (See conditions at bottom of section)

Extensive Two days, £150 (+VAT) per student

This session takes place over two days (not necessarily consecutive). Day one is as the Crammer described above. On the second day the students will sit a full length Mock Exam (ideally on computers but can be done on paper) and full answers and explanations will be given. There is then an afternoon of group work activites designed to hone the skill and speed of the students. (See conditions at the bottom of section)

Full Length Mock £15 (+VAT) per student, free teacher guide when five or more are purchased

We have a full length Mock Booklet developed, with a complementary teach guide which contains full answers and explanations. This enables you to provide some self directed UKCAT practice with your students - you simply need to facilitate the exam (full instructions are given) and then discuss the answers with them. We provide a FREE teacher guide if you order more than 5 student books. Otherwise the teacher guide costs the same amount.

Multi-Subscription Service If a school purchase subscription services for us we offer discounts of up to a third.

Foundation This session has been developed for schools who want to get their students thinking about UKCAT earlier than the summer of their test - ideally at the end of year 11 or start of year 12. It is a UKCAT skills development programme with easy UKCAT style questions to ease students into the UKCAT mode of thinking. This can operate over a half day, full day or as part of a bespoke programme. Prices will depend on how you wish to utilise this programme. It includes access to a 'foundation level' online service with steadily more difficult questions to hone skills.

Bespoke This is not a pre-designed session but your opportunity to ask for exactly the programme you need for your students. Some schools may ask for a day of foundation training followed by the Crammer for example. Prices will depend on exactly what you need. Call us on 0121 744 6433 or email us to discuss your ideas.

The ideal venue for sessions is a classroom where all students have some deskspace and can see a screen. Our presentation is usually delivered using a school computer and projected using in situ equipment. If this is a problem we can bring our own equipment. All school sessions operate for 20 or more students. A single travel fee is charged where a school is more than 50 miles from Birmingham. This fee is £2 per mile above 50 from a central Birmingham postcode to your school postcode.